UNIC CLASSIQUE, with over a decade of hands-on experience, is today's leading furniture producer and exporter outstanding for its unsurpassed professionalism in specialization.

Zooming into specific area of furniture production, we pride ourselves on providing customers with innovative designs and know-how in value-added quality matching. Above all, our preferred craftsmanship takes the helm. Which is why, our customers are for life.

At UNIC CLASSIQUE, we realize and appreciate the harmony of wood, metal and upholstery. While the marriage between these three main elements in furniture production brings out elegance and class, our ever-novel designs further enhance the value and appeal of our finished products.

The corporate motto of UNIC CLASSIQUE has always been "Customer Satisfaction" believing in understanding the needs of our customers and consequently providing the best to them. Through joint efforts with raw material suppliers of innovative-based by offering competitive edges in pricing and quality, we have laid the path for a new market in the ever-expanding furniture industries.

These are the commitments brought to our valued customers from UNIC CLASSIQUE.



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